Naturalium is a return to the origin, to nature, to simplicity , and this is reflected in each and every one of the products we develop .


We work for providing aromas that evoke memories, feelings and that are a key element of our products.


Close your eyes, open the product and let its scent evoke in you a sea of ​​sensations.


nature prevails


Market trends and consumer preferences are evolving towards increasingly natural and less sofisticated and processed products.


Aroma is an essential part of this naturalness. In fact, by far most consumers make the decision to purchase after having smelled a product.


Commitment to the consumer


In NATURALIUM pledge to continue developing innovative products highly rated on five continents, to meet the needs of consumers causing emotional wellbeing.


NATURALIUM, back to basics, to nature, to simplicity. The natural goes with you.



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Double care



Logo two better

Fila frutas  2 ENG


it really smells of fresh fruit


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